The #1 Strategy to mastering guitar (and loving every minute of it)
  • Perfect for everyone - from absolute beginners and seasoned pros! 


  • Mastery system based on 40 years shared experience teaching all styles and abilities! 

  •  Group dynamic that makes everything 10X more fun and engaging 

  • 100% Money Back TOTAL* Satisfaction Guaranty.  

                                                                                          *We want you to LOVE our groups! 


  • Access to INCREDIBLE resources in our exclusive student area*

                                                                                                                            *Included with all block bookings 


  • Learn in an environment of celebration! 


  • Learn music - not just guitar! Playing with others is the BEST way to develop your musicality

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About Us:

We are Ariel and Jonny and its been our mission for the last 20 years to help people get the most out of the guitar and we are so excited about group lessons.  We have found group lessons to be the most enjoyable and effective way to help students achieve their playing goals fast. 

In our group lessons we will be sharing everything we have learned and taught over the years.  From chords and strumming to the intricacies of finger style and the unique skills required to play with others, improvise and sing along. 

The beauty of the group is that everyone develops in a very natural and individual way - all while playing together in harmony and in time. The result is accelerated progress and a group of versatile and creative players! 

We are graduates from the Royal College and Royal Northen College of Music and have studied with some of the leading guitarists and teachers in the world. Over the past 20 years we've had the privilege of helping 1000's of students succeed in their own musical journeys and we hope to be able to help you too!

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